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On seven twenty-seven seven years ago, I posted entry number one, anticipating: what? my vainest fears were comments I’d need answer. There were none, of course – not worth a count, at any rate: there’s nothing driving traffic to the … Continue reading

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Del’s an attractive person, but no one would accuse her of beauty. Her facial features are on the large side: not chiseled or refined. She was born a brunette in a culture that favors blondes. She grew hands and feet … Continue reading

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As much as I love winter weather, chill in summer seldom suits my mood. I look outdoors and don my robe and wonder: will I run the heat? Curl up and read a book? But it’s July. The sun is … Continue reading

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It used to be, as soon as I felt strong, as if I’d win whatever I desire, I got a cold, or fell, or something wrong befell me, like that spurt of strength was dire prophecy I’d suffer sick reverse, … Continue reading

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Local Walks

Of late I’m walking more. I used to stride off calories, for “science” told me so, but that was bunk – I put that view aside the more I read on fat. Today I know nutrition facts the government suppressed … Continue reading

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When I was young I married my best friend – intelligent and masculine and true – then ten years later made the marriage end, but that was caused by us not working through our issues – he had scars I … Continue reading

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Orson’s Eye View

“Even Grannies need cock.” Yeesh. I can’t believe I said it. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I wanted them back. Kcoc deen seinnarg neve. Like that works. And my tone of voice! Was that a … Continue reading

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