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The Piercing

My baby had the cutest little nose – Unsuffocatable that button was like every other infant’s; heaven knows design for life, so heaven perfect does. And as she grew, it stayed adorable – She seemed to train it upward with … Continue reading

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Stripey and the Yard Birds

I saw two hummingbirds beneath the crows that visited, the bold above the shy. The corvids sat the looming tree, in rows of roosting gossip, as trochilidae sought nectar from the blossoms in the yard (the nicotiniana over sage). The … Continue reading

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I wish I had a lover with a plan for something new we’d do with this weekend. I wouldn’t mind attention from a man, and company I’d welcome in a friend. But I don’t long for anyone I’ve had and … Continue reading

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Wasted Worry

I lived a half a year past 66 and called my age the number of the beast. The digits made 18 (mathematic tricks), and that’s the Chai denoting life, at least. Numerical coincidence aside, the fact is I’ve lived long … Continue reading

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From the Molehill

A few years ago, the city of Berkeley installed a new variety of street crossing signals. On some busy corridors we now have the option of pressing a button for assistance. That will cause yellow lights to pulse for about … Continue reading

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Deep Desert

The morning air is tricky, with a haze that to my coastal eyes appears as mist, befogging distance for my sweeping gaze, but air this low cannot be moisture-kissed. It must be made from something I don’t know, some flotsam … Continue reading

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I’m never age appropriate. I’ve had a wayward brain, eccentric attitude, as long as I recall. I wasn’t bad in deed or thought, but teachers called me rude for asking natural questions, and my dad admonished me for lack of … Continue reading

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