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The Adversity Advantage

We’re babies when we notice opposites, so day & night or open/shut are taught with ease, just like we learn which contour fits each hole in sorting toys. With further thought as children, we begin to reason thus: that pain … Continue reading

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Outside Cat

Your kitty is a house cat – not a beast of prey. And though I’ve seen her kill a bird, her instincts are dim echoes we’ve decreased with centuries of breeding. It’s absurd to think she wants a veldt or … Continue reading

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The scientists I’m reading now are through with carbohydrates that have been refined. Mercola wants to limit protein too, while Naiman has more meat and eggs in mind. They all agree that sugar’s toxic stuff, and no one tries defending … Continue reading

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Epi (A Preposition)

When I was young, I always looked ahead. Anticipating power when I grew, as soon as I knew one day I’d be dead I started listing things I had to do before my end: have sex with more than one; … Continue reading

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Simple Wisdom

“Don’t eat desserts,” my grandma said to me, when I first tried to diet at fourteen. “Avoid potatoes, bread and corn. You’ll see results if you don’t go for snacks between good meals.” But I eschewed her strategy: preferring science … Continue reading

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Tired Day

Today’s a tired day. I must admit I’m feeling every decade of my age. And that’s okay – in fact, appropriate, for I have overdone by any gauge: at first in travel far beyond my nest, and then in catching … Continue reading

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Anticipating missing plumbing, bed, the food my fussy appetite demands, I went to earth reluctantly. Instead of rough conditions, I had calmer hands, more restful sleep, a better moving gut, than what I am accustomed to at home. I ate … Continue reading

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