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The labyrinth that Daedalus designed and built to house a misbegotten bull, was crafted with imprisonment in mind: its convolutions blind until a pull upon a clue of thread revealed its ways, bisecting mystery with nothing hard. A king’s intent, … Continue reading

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Muni Metro

A boyish lesbian, commuting west, who dropped her phone and earbuds on the tracks, did something that I never would have guessed: she looked and leaped. I watched her denim back, her short dark hair, her bend and turn around, … Continue reading

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Hard Ass

“You never know what you’re going to do, until you’re confronted with the situation.” How many times has Del heard this? Why do so many people say it? In Del’s case, and in that of some others, it just isn’t … Continue reading

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The chop of helicopters overhead does not create a happy atmosphere. I’m not too old to recollect the dread machines surveilling us and shooting tear gas canisters when I attended school, and though today they’re shooting news for us, at … Continue reading

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Count Your Calories

I spent two bits in 1968, to buy a little book put out by Dell. Its title – Count Your Calories – was great: the pamphlet matched my purpose very well. I’d dieted four years and added more than I … Continue reading

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That’s Not Funny

In talking to a temporary friend I met on BART, before I knew him well enough to gauge his shallow depth and fend his crude advances off, I let him tell me (twice) what he’d endow if he were rich: … Continue reading

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The renegade conformist sheepishly insists the application must be typed. He says they won’t accept facsimile because it isn’t doubled, folded, striped the same. “Impeccable,” the man demands, who seldom notes appearances. “It must be typed, in ink, just so.” … Continue reading

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