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I understand the science and I know some facts about our struggle to survive. We aren’t fish; our arms and hands don’t grow to wings; we never organize a hive. And yet I’m lately stricken with unease at how my … Continue reading

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Matt’s Mind

When the phone rang at 8:30 last Thursday night, Del hesitated before answering. She was tired; she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Her mother is nearly 92 and Del would definitely speak to her, but the caller ID on … Continue reading

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Invited to retrace our steps, the lane of memory unfurled before my eyes. I read the words of he who would attain the vision of his Lord. He testifies with palms upheld, with capitals for nouns. Engaging Reason to bring … Continue reading

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Tree Air

I’m sharing air with sycamores today. The weather is the treasure we have here. Our cost of living sucks – we have to pay exorbitantly for this atmosphere. But look at it as drafts of oxygen, as walking hyperbaric therapy: … Continue reading

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I woke at 3:15 and didn’t fall asleep again till it was nearly day. My shoulder hurt a bit. I don’t recall an injury; it didn’t go away no matter my position. Then my head began the monkey-dance of wakeful … Continue reading

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Change of Life

Assuming I inherited the curse of fierce impatience from my hasty mom, I tried to justify it. Sure it’s worse to suffer, I asserted with aplomb, complaint or pain in silence! Not my goal, I told my friends, and yet … Continue reading

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Sis and Cass

Our dog came to us one year old and already named Sue. Within a month she revealed herself. Sue was a creature of sea-level allergies. She repelled fleas, but reacted negatively to 36 other (mixed blend) insects. We know this … Continue reading

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