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Sin Brazos

I never noticed till the recent posts. I guess it’s an example of consciousness-raising. But the fact is, arms are a drag when you’re not using them. They’re great when you need to manipulate or carry things. But I can … Continue reading

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It’s absolutely silly how upset I got about a trellis vine that died. Acceptance took three weeks – I didn’t let its symptoms tell me what they signified. I’m feeling better now all hope has flown; I paid a guy … Continue reading

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Plant Puppies

The passion flower’s otherworldly bloom, cape honeysuckle and another vine, we plan to plant today. I have the room – wisteria that I considered mine has died. For weeks I watched for buds to grow, but stunted purple petals broke … Continue reading

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I’m done with counting carbs and calories. I don’t like summing minutes for my bills. Fatigued by all the bullet lists that freeze me more than fire me, I’m lately ill on numbers, and I need to take a break. … Continue reading

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Or Else

“You have a week to reconsider,” said her husband late that bitter breakup night. “If you persist in leaving, go ahead, but understand you’ll never make it right. The exit is one-way; you can’t return once you depart (or send … Continue reading

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Jack’s earliest memory is from kindergarten. Everyone he knows can remember back to age two or three or maybe four, but he has nothing before school. And he was a December baby – one of the oldest in his class … Continue reading

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Divorce? How could she? He was always good to her. However could she make him leave? Especially when babies came, she should have found a way to tolerate and cleave to him; a 10-year marriage earned him that. She’ll say … Continue reading

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