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My husband dried to desert when we broke the marriage up, who’d been a fertile ground when we began. His anger turned to smoke within; a storm of dust was all I found. My lover seemed a dynamo who met … Continue reading

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Past Life

I may have made you up although you live without my leave, for I remember you before we met. Impossible? Forgive my warm presumption, but perhaps it’s true that we have known each other all along. For only that can … Continue reading

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With regard to Isabel’s marital commitment, the third time was the charm. She wasn’t serious the first time, and Jack understood. They were in love: yes. They wanted to live together: absolutely. But it was 1972, and Berkeley; neither they … Continue reading

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Twice Removed

On Saturday she drove an hour to meet an ex’s niece’s gathering of friends, and parking her Toyota on some street, she socialized until the natural end arrived, and shower guests arose to go, but she forgot where she had … Continue reading

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Musca Moribunda

The trellis will be sieged in hungry bees in 18 days or so, and by late May I’ll hear the whine mosquitos make, that wheeze of wings that keeps me tense and sleep at bay. Some months ahead come spiders … Continue reading

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My alternate reality is relatively bland: The children’s dad and I did not divorce. He drove me to distraction with attempts to read my hand to make me happy – strategy of course that’s guaranteed to wreck a couple’s pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Now I’ve been smoking pot for 50 years. At 17, Gail offered me that toke. I liked it even better than my peers: Discovering that I was born to smoke (my mom inhaling cigarettes 3 packs a day when I … Continue reading

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