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My husband’s mom was into holidays, so styrofoam and spray paint were her scene. She made a deal of Christmas, but her ways were most remarkable at Halloween. She formulated rules. She filigreed, festooned and to our arguments was deaf. … Continue reading

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A hundred years ago, we lived among our relatives; extended family surrounded Mom and Dad when they were young. That had a dozen cousins – they could see resemblances in attitude and face. Inhabitants of tenements and farms, the aunts … Continue reading

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I can’t remember ever wanting food when I get out of bed to start my day. My father said each breakfast should include both milk and protein. Mom tried every way to tempt me – cereal and breakfast shakes, jelly … Continue reading

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I ran into my neighbor Anne yesterday. We hadn’t seen one another in a few days. I was out two evenings ago and she wasn’t around last night. So I hadn’t yet heard the latest. About Bertilda. The latest is … Continue reading

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Extra Credit

I didn’t mean to write this poem today. I mean, I didn’t set myself the task. I sat and tossed a 5-beat line, the way a child kicks a can. So don’t you ask me to defend a word, or … Continue reading

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No matter where you journey, there you are: an individual within a space, informed by sun position and by star configuration, feeling any place unreal to “How’s the weather? What’s the scene?” surrounding you right now. It’s raining here so … Continue reading

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I’ve always been unbalanced – either crazed with too much work to do in scanty time, or stuck in weekend afternoons, amazed there’s nothing needed, frittering my prime away, my part-time fear. And looking long, I gather I’ll still have … Continue reading

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