Becoming Lilith


If menstruating women bring bad luck,
and childbirth’s a devil-daring deed,
if every woman hungers for a fuck
and ultimately has no other need,
if feminine equipment is impure,
unruly both in body and in mind,
and women must be governed to be sure
we walk the male-ordained three steps behind,
then I will grow me mythic wings and claws
and dwell within the eyes of storm and night.
I will write my own unnatural laws
and pick my path and seek my fearless right.
For sooner than adore the sperm and semen,
I’ll let the legends label me a demon.

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4 Responses to Becoming Lilith

  1. So concise and to the point, and the language is just spot on.

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  3. A.M. Pietroschek says:

    The merits and flaws of Catholicism led to many theories. Lilith as the scapegoat-before-Eve-became-more-covenient is certainly among them, and one I contemplated in my occult years…

    The poem has a nice streak of defiance against the convenient tyranny, and with the ‘winner writing history’ there is a decent chance that Lilith was one more heroine of a better faith and lifestyle, though such is risky, as prone to misunderstandings and neo-pagan idiocy.

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