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The wooden pieces, splinter sharp and bright with flame or gray with ember residue, drop riverward. The steel so hot it’s white as noon is plummeting to water, too, and hissing as it kisses through its path, or steaming as … Continue reading

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Long in the tooth? That’s part of the truth. Carve this for a totem: He’s long in the scrotum! The outside loses elasticity while all within are weary wearing out. The frame condenses and that gravity will conquer no one … Continue reading

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Deliberately Dana

Zell thinks no one she knows reads her blog, but that’s not exactly true. Dana has the site bookmarked on her home computer, and sometimes she checks it out. She never comments or even clicks “like.” She doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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A coin of platinum lit the sky that night, and didn’t seem to move. The moon hung full and cast on clouds a blood-tinged silver light, exerting its extraordinary pull. It made me send a friend provoking verse. It snuck … Continue reading

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Richmond Trip

I studied faces on a weekend jaunt across the country for a cousin’s fete. I rarely think of them – they never haunt my dreams or memories, but it was sweet to look on them, to see those faces lined … Continue reading

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School Lesson

Don’t blame the school. It makes you seem a fool, and caps you as a foil and a dunce. That place was neither enemy nor tool for ripening – observe it right for once. Don’t search for good in your … Continue reading

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To Let

If three’s the charm, then let this morning’s fit effect relief and constitute the end of ranting bad behavior absent wit or wisdom. Let me leave my son to tend to his responsibilities without my intervention, fury or abuse. Let … Continue reading

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