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One New Year’s Eve

I browsed through a Writer’s Idea book and saw its suggestion about describing my most memorable New Year’s Eve. I scanned my memory and couldn’t come up with a better one than the train trip to Disneyland. That was probably … Continue reading

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I’m any way but negative, as long as I can smoke the herb my brother bought for me. Let winter threaten; now I’m strong within philosophy my father taught when I was young enough to read with him, when I … Continue reading

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I wish I were as ready now for sleep as I’ll be longingly in 7 hours. The seeker’s climb to Morpheus is steep, but falling off’s so effortless that powers are obstructive wastes of energy. I’ll swaddle in a waking … Continue reading

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The mill stone turns and grinds to powder grain the meadows wore a harvest month ago. The cloud condenses drops to send us rain our reservoirs collect and then let flow. There comes a winter-boding Saturday when I combine the … Continue reading

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Xmas Passed I don’t know how I could have penned a word the last four days, for then I had no time away from him and them. I never heard the silence in my head that finds a rhyme and … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

On Boxing Day, when I was 45, I walked to BART in arid winter cold, considering requirements to thrive, enumerating what could be controlled. I saw a piece of broken crutch, a bit that someone tossed where only bushes catch. … Continue reading

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Things have risen or sunk to a crazy level in the neighborhood. We’re beset by cops and counselors. Carol is beside herself with psychological concern about her teenage pyromaniac son, and her husband John isn’t much calmer. My friend Anne … Continue reading

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