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Disintegrate the symbol from the man and disengage the woman from her theme. Attempt to break the linkage if you can of thought to word to pan-humanic dream. At first of all, we read there was the word, so language … Continue reading

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A woken woman’s walking up the street too early on a winter working day. She’s hauled along by dancing canine feet, as ever ready any way for play. The woman carries coffee in a cup that keeps it hot and … Continue reading

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I made an observation yesterday: No matter where I went, it seemed to me that drivers couldn’t tolerate delay and used their horns to build cacophony. Not once did I observe near accident and never did I hear them used … Continue reading

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One Empirical Sally in the Pain/Art Debate

Increasingly, I’ve cherished a belief: Though agony can fuel an artist’s voice, unhappiness is actually a thief of honesty, and takes away the choice that every great creation must contain. Is mania a natural consequence for hours spent enthralled in … Continue reading

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Break Time

I’m taking a break from this site, this week. I’ll be back next Monday.

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Future History

The middle of her lower back is sore from coughing hard or hoisting too much weight. Her belly’s full of gas – but that and more discomfort’s her dessert, the way she ate… She’s made herself a promise overdue, to … Continue reading

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Change (2 of 2)

Lesley has always been gay, but Sam, who describes herself as bisexual, had only been with one other woman before Lesley. And she’s been with men ever since they broke up: three different relationships in ten months. Lesley now considers … Continue reading

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