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I Want to Learn to Be Wrong (2/2)

Both John and Jen annoyed me. I felt impatient with each. But then I’m an impatient person. I think there may be a gene for patience/impatience. But since the trait doesn’t lead to social dysfunction, there’s no scientific grant money … Continue reading

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I Want to Learn to Be Wrong (1/2)

That’s an affectation, and I hate affectation, but I think affectation has an effect (at which moment it becomes effectation). At least I admit it when I affect. One must be allowed to effectively affect, provided one owns it. I … Continue reading

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You Think You’re Always Right

That’s an accusation I frequently don’t hear. But I see it on some faces. And I heard it so many times when I was young that I can connect that face with those words. It’s just not true. I know … Continue reading

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Entomology Etymology

Sure mariposa is a lovely word, and psyche packs provocative surprise, but I declare the English name’s absurd that calls fantastic insects butterflies. How do we from the dairy designate a creature so refined it sips the bloom and flits … Continue reading

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Buying Heinz

I heard an item on the nightly news last week. I wasn’t paying close attention and I haven’t researched any of the details, but I don’t think that matters. The report mentioned a sale of the Heinz company. That good … Continue reading

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House of Clouds

It’s tough to find a balance to rely upon, but never hard to see its beauty, so I’ll endeavor to identify the equilibrium of fun and duty. For then I’ll know how much to give to me, how much to … Continue reading

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Misdemeanors (2 of 2)

And so it came to pass. The friends decided they should limit their action to just one of Melissa’s corners. Rose put in the work order and although the city crew of three didn’t see any obvious problem with the … Continue reading

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