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See Betty Be

Dick and Jane take Betty for their friend: introduce themselves and spend a year acquainting each with other, and intend to get the truth of her and be her peer. Betty is a person self-contained and balanced in her own … Continue reading

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Eugene’s Mahlon Sweet Field is one of the nicest airports I’ve ever used. It’s like Oakland’s in the 70s: small and friendly and easy to understand. I spend time there nowadays, and I collect little experiences. In mid-October I was … Continue reading

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I wondered awhile ago about the word “apple.” I looked it up recently and I have a few comments. It’s as fundamental and basic as we all suspect. The word means itself and may figure in every significant culture. Or … Continue reading

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I am attracted to the dancing rhythm of alternating 7-beat lines with 5s. Sometimes I indulge that attraction. I started this one when I was 43, recollecting 20 years ago then. I remember Feather River camping in July. Creek and … Continue reading

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If I’m ever going to be bilingual, and it’s a semi-goal, my second language will be Spanish. I spent formative years in Chula Vista, where my exposure was so consistent that I could read it at an elementary level, and … Continue reading

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I made a little cottage out of straw and then I raised an edifice of sticks. They each accommodated natural law, and nothing stood until I built of bricks. For straw is fodder for the beastly cud, and sticks are … Continue reading

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The Key to the Kingdom

Once upon a time there was a kind and prosperous king, whose only child was a daughter. The king had a queen who doesn’t figure into the story very much, except that she lived long enough never to saddle her … Continue reading

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