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Andy asked me which came first: orange as the name of the fruit or the color? And then he asked a few more times, so I gathered that he meant it. The fruit. It goes back to at least 2500 … Continue reading

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Monkey Bars

I watched the children in the corner park amuse themselves on monkey bars. I saw each swinging body ride a measured arc, depending arm to arm on natural law. (You cannot rush a pendulum. Its swing is its identity, its … Continue reading

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Of course I’m naturally conservative. Most people are. That doesn’t mean we’re Republicans. It means we resist change, at least a bit, at least at first. People are almost as ready as dogs to make a tradition. Do something once … Continue reading

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Of all the gifts my life bestows on me ideas I value most. Computer treasures electricity but software is a ghost that current-craves as we require blood, as sunshine is essential for the bud, and we, elaborate, are built to … Continue reading

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Surveying me as I depart from home, I stipulate to happiness today. So light and clear it’s hard to make a poem and if I die this afternoon, I say it needn’t be more wonderful than this: dependents well, acknowledgment … Continue reading

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Fat Club

I speak for every female ever fat in mind or mood or belly, butt or thighs. Presumptuous pronouncements are my chat and this apparent fitness my disguise. For I am fat in memory and fears beneath the slender shape I … Continue reading

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I cooked and ladled chowder for us three. I served it to each person with a roll. When Danny saw the steam, he questioned me: Why does it tumble upward from the bowl? He let me look through eyes not … Continue reading

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