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… is one. Really. Oxys is from the Greek for “sharp,” and moros is the same Greek “foolish, dull” that brought us moron. Oxymoron means sharp-dull. The dictionary says the word is a figure of speech in which opposite or … Continue reading

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The View from Our Table

I watched a couple dine last night, instead of paying strict attention to my host. I didn’t see the garden as I fed my eyes with her and him. They shared pot roast and dense souffle. Each drank a different … Continue reading

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I understand that the term was coined in 1888 by Charles Howard Hinton. He took it from the Greek words tesserais actines, which mean four rays. A tesseract is also called a hypercube or a 4-cube. Simply put, a tesseract … Continue reading

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Adrift I am, and starting to float free of old relationships I wouldn’t rock. I wallow from the harbor clumsily but as the distance grows between the dock and me, I find a purchase for my keel. I stretch within … Continue reading

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Bad Teachers

I don’t want to sound disrespectful. I know the good ones won’t take it personally because this doesn’t apply to them. But I’m tired of pretending that all teachers (or soldiers) are heroes. Sure their jobs are important. But not … Continue reading

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Decadence and Hedonism

I wondered a few days ago if the words decadence and decade were related, which made me first consider how decadence differs from hedonism, and later look the words up. No relation. Decadence comes to us from the Latin decadere … Continue reading

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At the risk of repeating myself, I like living alone. As an only daughter I was the one in my family who had a single room. I spent so much time there, both parents tried to nag or shame me … Continue reading

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