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What’s in a Name?

When I was born my parents named me Marilynn Renée Cohn. My mother was particular about the two “n’s” in the first and my father had strong feelings about the accent in the second. They intended to call me Lindy, … Continue reading

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   When I was 11 or 12, I got an effective demonstration of why it’s a good idea to at least check out the instructions before starting a written test. I think it was 7th grade. I’m having trouble recalling the … Continue reading

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     When I was 5 we had exotic neighbors. We moved into the house in Glen Cove in 1953 and they may have lived there then, but they didn’t make big impressions on me for a couple of years. We left … Continue reading

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Best Neighbor

     When I was 9, I met Jeff. He was my platonic friend. His family moved in next door to ours, one similar house to the west of us, and stayed long enough to become close neighbors before they took … Continue reading

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     When I was 10 the Shirley Temple Storybook show was on TV every Sunday for awhile, and I was a fan. A bit later my parents gave me the storybook itself, a collection of about a dozen famous fables, … Continue reading

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     When I was almost 15, my next door neighbor gave me a kitten. My mother was not into pets but Dad prevailed earlier that year, and the family acquired a beagle we named Becky. Mom wouldn’t let Becky the … Continue reading

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     When I was 9 I was asked to leave Sunday School because I became obnoxious about my questions. When I was around 11 I got into a fight with a ruffian, because I kept talking to her on the … Continue reading

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